2019 NAPA Reference Guide

Ou M Re Inf r NAPA Filter Lim exico. Please visit public of Mexico ormation Team a ited Warranty sho http://napafilters as well as the Spa t the phone numb wn above does n .com/warranty to nish and French tr er listed at the be ot apply to NAPA view warranties anslations. For m ginning of this cat Industrial Filtratio applicable to NAP ore information c alog. nTM, Wix RacingT A Industrial Filtra ontact your Distri M, ecoLAST® or p tion TM, Wix Raci ct Sales Manager roducts sold in th ng TM, ecoLAST® or the call the Pro e Republic of and the duct 1238 Limited Warranty NAPA Filters, Attn: Technical Service Department, 1 Wix Way, Gastonia, NC 28054 Keith A. Wilson, Jr., Chief Executive Officer Rev. 12/14 Any new vehicle and equipment warranties you may have are not affected by your use of NAPA filters or this limited warranty. NAPA Filters warrants each NAPA filter to be free from defects in material and workmanship during the period of service life recommended by the engine or equipment manufacturer.This warranty does not apply if the filter has been improperly installed, altered, abused, neglected or damaged.This warranty also does not apply if the filter has been used for non-approved or non-recommended applications or if used in competitive racing, on modified high performance engines or in any aircraft or aviation application. If your NAPA filter is found to be defective in material or workmanship during the period of service life recommended by the engine or equipment manufacturer, NAPA Filters will replace the defective filter with another NAPAfilter. In addition, NAPAFilters will reimburse you for the reasonable costs of the parts and labor required to repair your engine or equipment to the extent the damage was solely attributable to a defect in your NAPA filter. In order to obtain engine or equipment repairs under the warranty, you must, within 30 days after discovery of damage, submit a claim to any NAPA Filters representative, our NAPA distributor or directly to the address below. You must also allow the NAPA Filters Technical Service Department to examine the filter and, if required, the engine or equipment, to determine the extent of damage and whether it was caused by a defective NAPA filter. You should retain a copy of your service records and installation record and receipt as proof of the date of purchase. The filter must be returned to NAPA Filters Technical Service Department, unaltered, for examination, along with proof of purchase, service and installation records. THIS WARRANTY IS EXCLUSIVE OF ANY OTHER WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. For NAPA filters used in commercial applications, and except where prohibited by applicable law, WE EXPRESSLY DISCLAIM, WITHOUT LIMITATION, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTIBILITYAND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES ARE LIMITED TO THE DURATION OF THIS WARRANTY. THE FOREGOING IS THE ENTIRE AND EXCLUSIVE LIABILITY OF NAPA FILTERS AND YOUR EXCLUSIVE AND SOLE REMEDY FOR ANY DAMAGES OR CLAIMS MADE IN CONNEC- TION WITH THE USE OF A NAPA FILTER. NAPA FILTERS SHALL IN NO EVENT BE LIABLE FOR ANY SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES WHATSOEVER, INCLUDING CLAIMS FOR LOSS OF USE OF THE EQUIPMENT ON WHICH THE NAPA FILTER IS INSTALLED, LOSS OF TIME, INCONVENIENCE OR COMMERCIAL LOSS. Some states and other local jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state and other local jurisdictions. Our NAPA Filter Limited Warranty shown above does not apply to NAPA Industrial Filtration TM , Wix Racing TM , ecoLAST ® or products sold in the Republic of Mexico. Please visit http://napafilters.com/warranty to view warranties applicable to Napa Industrial Filtration TM , Wix Racing TM , ecoLAST ® and the Republic of Mexico as well as the Spanish and French translations. For more information contact your District Sales Manager or the call the Product Information Team at the phone number listed at the beginning of this catalog. 1088