Gold Filter

Performance Benefits

Unlike any other, NAPAs gold oil filter has earned the trust of generations of customers. And that gold standard is also reflected in NAPAs gold air and fuel filters today. Due to innovative engineering combined with unique materials, our gold filters are built to offer better strength and performance benefits.


Product Features

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GoldNAPAFilters Oil

Our gold filter lives up to its name with glass-enhanced cellulose media with 50 percent more holding capacity, capturing smaller, potentially engine-damaging contaminants. An extra strong steel spiral center tube provides superior collapse protection, and each metal end caps positive seal prevents oil by-pass. The coiled steel support spring provides maximum sealing protection in case of pressure surges.

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GoldNAPAFilters Air

NAPAs line of gold air filters sets the gold standard in aftermarket air filtration. Our gold filters media is more robust, upgraded, and water and snow tolerant, preventing dirt and dust from damaging cylinder walls, pistons and piston rings. It delivers better filtration and longer engine life, and offers premium application coverage for both passenger cars and light-duty trucks, foreign and domestic.

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GoldNAPAFilters Fuel

NAPAs gold fuel filter is designed to make the most of filtration technology to de-contaminate your vehicles flow of fuel.

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