Industrial Filters

Better Industrial filtration by design

Performance Benefits

Our industrial filters provide you with the best solutions for maintaining oil that’s clean and dry.

Hydraulic Filters

NAPA Filters develops, manufactures, and markets a full line of industrial hydraulic replacement filters to protect machinery and components in all kinds of factories and on a wide variety of heavy-duty mobile equipment.

Air Intake for Compressors

Compressed air and gas is essential in many industries for its use in equipment operation, instrumentation, refrigeration and a variety of industrial processes. NAPA Filters help ensure clean, oil-free air or gas to reduce maintenance and replacement costs.

Oil/Air Separators

Count on us for conventional wrap-style and spin-on type oil separators, deep filter oil separators, pleated air-oil separators, and refrigeration and natural gas oil separators.

Panel Filters

Designed and built for today’s industries, NAPA Filters Panel Filter Elements reflect our commitment to filtration excellence in both design and quality.