Performance Benefits

ecoLAST is an eco-friendly new heavy-duty oil filter that effectively doubles the life of engine oil, reducing vehicle downtime required for more frequent oil changes. Depending on the size of your fleet, switching to this green, direct replacement filter can save your company millions of dollars in oil and filter costs and provide sustainable oil filtration.

Product Features

ecoLAST filters also offer the environmental advantages of fewer used oil filters and used oil. Many of the heavy-duty extended mileage filters other companies offer contain slow-release additives, and/or require bypass filtration that can require a costly vehicle modification. ecoLAST is a “direct replacement” filter with no vehicle changes or modifications needed. Simply install it and begin enjoying its economic and environmental benefits right away.

How much can you save with ecoLAST oil filters?

Use this link to look up your engine, see if your fleet qualifies, and calculate your savings with our easy-to-use estimator:

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