NAPAGold Heavy-Duty Oil Filter

Put us to the test

Performance Benefits

NAPA Heavy-Duty Gold Filters are built to offer better strength and premium performance benefits. Specially designed to remove impurities and contaminants, our gold oil filters protect your fuel system and engine life from deterioration like no other filters you can buy.

Product Features

No one surpasses our design and materials. Our nitrile rubber lathe-cut gasket sits in a groove in the filter plate so it can withstand extremely high pressures without leaking. Oil inlet holes on the base plate maximize oil flow and add plate strength. Matching inner and outer skirt heights enhance structural integrity. Double roll seam and sealer ensure a strong leak-free seam. The filter shell resists cracking and withstands high pressures. Benchmark study test results show the inner element of a NAPA Heavy-Duty Oil Filter ensures system integrity by withstanding wide fluctuations in flow and differential pressure. Our steel tension spring also tested as having the best load capacity.
**Construction may vary with non-spin on HD filters.

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