Performance Benefits

NAPA Filters’ industrial breathers help ensure clean, dry air in a variety of applications. We offer breathers for disposable stationary applications, high-vibration, shock resistant performance, environments with high humidity/high dust, and compact breathers for limited space applications.

Product Features

Our disposable stationary breather applications are ideal for storage tanks, fluid reservoirs, transformers, pumps, and gearboxes. Choose our high vibration and shock resistant breathers for cranes and railroad maintenance equipment, as well as farm, construction and off-road trucks and equipment. Our high humidity/high dust breathers work well in paper mills, wash-down and steam cleaning areas, as well as mines and quarries. For gearboxes, drums, totes and small oil containers, choose our compact breather applications.




NAPA Industrial Breathers Brochure
NAPA Breather Adapter Sheet