#MyNAPAFilters: Chelle Crotts

Chelle Crotts of Shelby, NC was adopted by her grandparents when she was a baby. Growing up, her Papa worked for NAPA and often brought her along for the workday.

He is the man who taught me about cars, recalls Crotts. He was my hero. We only had one car, and I remember Rick, his boss, would come pick him up for work in a NAPA truck and sometimes I would get to go. I remember sitting there at NAPA on the barstool, and they would give me dimes to get chewing gum from the candy machine.

But Chelles memories dont stop at the shop. At home, the craft was passed down to the next generation.

On his days off we were always under the hood of something, said Crotts. He would either stand me up on the bumper or sit me on the fender well. I was turning wrenches before I knew what I wrench was. He taught me everything! He was the greatest man to ever live in my book.

Chelles Papa passed away in 2000, but the memories they created together are proving to last a lifetime.
I have all of his old tools, tool boxes, and NAPA (AUTO) PARTS cabinets in my shop, Chelle said. There’s not a day goes by that I don’t miss him, but I think of him every time I crawl under or lift the hood of a car.

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