#MyNAPAFilters: Jeanne Rousseau

For Jeanne Rousseau and her family, the local NAPA Auto Parts Store is a home away from home. We joke because we live 1/2 mile from a NAPA and my husband is there at least a few times a week, Rousseau says. Its kind of his second home.

The Rousseaus spend their days restoring vehicles and in her words, we start them young here, and they make it a family affair, including their son on much of their work. Currently, her husband and son are in the process of restoring a 78 Ford.

Jeanne counts on NAPA Filters to keep more than just her cars running; shes counting on them to keep her memories running, too. The second photo is a 1996 Ford F350 that my father in law bought brand new, Rousseau says. He passed away a few years ago, and my husband is doing a total restore.

When youre restoring vehicles, advises Rousseau, its nice to always have dependable filters! And thats where NAPA Filters plays the part for Jeanne & her family. This is Jeannes #MyNAPAFilters story whats yours?