#MyNAPAFilters: John Gulich

John Gulich remembers his college days well, but some of his favorite lessons happened at home in his garage with his dad as the teacher. “In college my dad taught me the fundamentals of car care, starting with oil changes,” said John.

He remembers wat
ching his dad work on cars & that’s where his love of vehicles was born.

“My Dad always enjoyed spending most of his free time working on cars, researching classic cars, and hanging out in the garage,” said John. “Together we restored a 1977 Corvette.

Learning about cars proved to be only a fraction of what John got out of his time under the hood with his dad. Making memories and spending quality time as father & son was even more rewarding than the skills & techniques John picked up along the way.

“He taught me to love and appreciation for vehicles, the way they run, how they work, and how to take care of them,” he said, “Looking back, I’m so grateful to have that car knowledge, but also to have that time bonding with my dad.”

Now as an adult, John keeps his memories close & still puts the knowledge he learned from his early days to good use. “To this day,” said John, “ I follow each step like we did as a team way back then, including using the best filters, NAPA Filters, at home in my own garage.”

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