NAPA Auto Parts Launches New Family of Oil Filters

NAPA Filters’ new family of platinum, gold and silver filters to meet the needs of car enthusiasts and DIYers
ATLANTA – NAPA Auto Parts is launching its NAPA Filters new family of filter brands to meet the needs of all types of drivers, including those with luxury, classic and everyday vehicles. The line up includes the new PlatinumNAPAFilter™, an ultra-premium oil filter designed for vehicles using synthetic oil. The original GoldNAPAFilters™, a line of premium filters for drivers who maintain their vehicles based upon the original equipment (OE) recommendations or individual driving conditions and SilverNAPAFilters™, NAPA Filters’ standard line of filters for the DIYer who prefers a more traditional oil change interval. All three brands of new filters will be available at participating NAPA AUTO PARTS stores nationwide August 1.

“The new family of filter brands offers drivers a good, better, best option that reflects how they change their air and oil filters and if they use synthetic or standard oil in their vehicle,” said Paul Kortman, brand and category marketing manager, NAPA Filters. “We saw an opportunity to simplify the oil and air filter purchasing process by offering DIY consumers three clear choices, including the new ultra-premium platinum oil filter. Each oil filter brand has been designed to meet specific driver habits and oil preferences.”

The new PlatinumNAPAFilter stands as NAPA’s most robust and durable filter that is specifically designed for vehicles using synthetic oil. For consumers who want the best for their car, including premium maintenance items and decreased engine wear, the PlatinumNAPAFilter is a natural partner with its precision-engineered materials. With consistent use of a more efficient filter over the life of an engine, there may be a lower wear rate, thereby extending the life of the engine.
“Synthetic oil use is becoming more common as drivers have become more concerned with maintaining the quality of their engine’s performance, particularly at high operating temperatures or in severe driving conditions,” Kortman said. “More people are also purchasing cars that have OE recommended longer oil change intervals. Synthetic oil is frequently recommended for this purpose, especially for classic and luxury cars.”

As part of NAPA Filter’s commitment to customer satisfaction and consumer education, NAPA Filters is creating the NAPA Filters Vehicle Maintenance Center website,, to help consumers increase their filter maintenance knowledge. The website will include a variety of interactive features, such as informational and instructional videos, a social platform and a personal account portal for consumers to share their maintenance experiences with other DIYers. The personal account will enable consumers to better maintain their vehicles by cataloguing and tracking important vehicle maintenance information, like service dates. Consumers will also be able to reach the NAPA Filters Vehicle Maintenance Center through links on and, by scanning QR codes, exploring its mobile application, and by following NAPA Filters on Facebook.

And to celebrate the new NAPA Filters Family of Filter Brands, from August 1-September 15, 2011, consumers are invited to enter its NAPA Filters “Do It Your Way” $50,000 Sweepstakes. There will be a chance to win a $10,000 gift card, one of two $7,500 gift cards, one of four $5,000 gift cards or one of forty $25 cards given away each week during the sweepstakes. The only requirement is to register at participating NAPA AUTO PARTS stores or online at

Started in 1966, NAPA Filters was the first branded product under the NAPA name. NAPA is the world’s largest distributor of light duty and heavy duty filters offered in the automotive aftermarket, servicing both domestic and import vehicles sold in the U.S. NAPA Filters are sold exclusively through NAPA AUTO PARTS Stores.

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