Welcome 2014

Greetings and welcome to 2014.  Much of the country is beyond freezing cold and we would certainly be thankful for a few inches of rain here in Southern California, but a few (perfect) 70 degree days were exactly what we needed to run our brand new NAPA Auto Parts Lucas Oil Ford Mustang through it’s paces.  The last time I suited up at Famoso, Bakersfield’s home of the famed March Meets and Hot Rod Reunion we qualified #1, went low e.t. and top speed, won the race, and set the track record-we like it here!

From the moment we received the first rendering to the day Rick Jackson’s Centre Pointe Collision Center color magicians allowed us a few spy photos, the subtle but gorgeous black to blue fade has consistently impressed.  Now proudly decked out with our partners logos, countless hours of tinkering yields a special balance of taste and national branding.  Set the body and brand new Hadman Chassis in place by it’s 80 foot transporter/rolling workshop with matching Gatorwraps graphics, and you’re forced to take a moment and let it sink in.  It’s no wonder folks love to be around these cars.

We budgeted a few days to methodically work through all that has to be just right to be prepared for Pomona.  We arrived with a brand new car, all new data logger, ignition, and fuel systems, new driver and crew combination-all of whom have been absent from a drag strip since November.  Plain and simple, Rick Jackson, Chris Perl, Lew Larson, Scott Manning, and Jim Adolph made this a successful outing, each new system was sorted out.  We will arrive at Pomona next week for the Winternationals with an invaluable familiarity and comfort level with our new program, ready to start 2014 by attacking one of the quickest, fastest, and shortest drag strips in the country.

NAPA Filters, having lead us to back to back Pomona victories here just a year ago, has the car book ended with their rightful place on the hood and (the driver’s best friend) parachutes.  The anticipation is essentially expiring and the excitement of the new season is ours to enjoy!  We hope to see you at an upcoming event and thank you very much for supporting our program on and off the track!

We are so excited to be racing this year with our sponsors:   NAPA Auto Parts, Lucas Oil, Centre Pointe Collision Centers, NAPA Batteries, NAPA, NAPA Power Supreme, Arvada Excavating, NGK Spark Plugs, NAPA Belts and Hose, CP Carrillo, Carlyle Professional Hand Tools, Mahle, Midtronics, Mechanix Wear, NYNY Hotel and Casino, Gatorwraps, Raymond’s Trophy, and Twin Palms!

Media Contact: LuAnn Bishop- [email protected]